for my FMP i am looking at designing a running shoe, my idea is for the shoe to be inspired by all things fast and that make people think speed. However i dont want it to be as simple as that and have thought about designing the shoe so that it will aid the runner using the shoe and prevent injures and common fungal infections.

My brother is currently studying to be a podiatrist and has given me some information about common problems and injures athletes have with their feet.

-Athletes foot: medical practice use dressings, silvercell, charcoal, silver thread.

-Pressure Fracture: insole with an arch can help distribute weight on the foot.

He also mentioned that i could use some kind of armoring around the mid-foot to protect the tarsal bones from any trauma. this could be made of synthetic materials such as fiber-glass, lightweight, stiff and sturdy. alternatives could be foam rubber, very lightweight however not as strong, or Polyurethane which is extremely sturdy but heavy and can more or less take a strong beating.


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