Today in the morning we were in a lecture talking about the examination criteria which was quite helpful because now i feel like i have a better idea of what work i need to do, how to record the process and ultimately i feel more confident with my ideas and the reasons for the ideas.

After the lecture, I did a bit of research on different materials and innovations used throughout the history of the sneaker industry, for example, polyurethane (used for outsoles). A process called blow rubble molding (used to make the air bubbles in certain running shoes).

In the afternoon i worked in the clay room carving a foot shaped last out of plaster, this is the second day i have work on it and im glad to say its looking more like the shape i want then yesterday, however, I think it still needs more work. It was harder to work with yesterday because the plaster hadn’t fully dried out, but now its more brittle and easier to carve.  Hopefully, if it turns out alright, i was to cast the plaster and fill the cast with a material that is stronger and won’t break if hit with a hammer or if dropped. this should leave me room to develop another idea of making my own usable last and design the upper of a shoe.


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