Clay Sole

The idea behind making this sole is to have the sole component of a trainer, I’m hopefully going to cast this sole and duplicate it using different plastics, foams and other materials, which will be painted and so on. I started off with a lump of clay and began to get the general shape of an outsole, I eventually got the right shape and lines I wanted and then left it to harden for a day or so, so it would be easier to work into and carve.

I didnt draw out a design before I started, this was just an experiment and so I added a few small details as I went along, such as the heel tab seen on the final three images, also the indents towards the back of the sole.

As this was my first attempt carving into clay, I am happy with the way it turned out and can say I will use this material again for something like this, it was easy to mold and carve, however it can take some bravery to carve certain lines because if you make a mistake usually you have to start over from the begining.


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