17806729_1266303586750845_1700932834_nIn America mostly but also in the Uk people are robbed and even killed because of the trainers they have on their feet, i first found out about this because alot of the music i listen to mentions some of these incidents. For the end of year show i want to show that all these shoes ad designers have indirectly been the reason people have been murdered. I am currently listening to songs that reference these happening, and im going to add them to this post and keep coming back ad adding more…

“I’ll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95’s”- The Game

“N****s still getting bodied for foams”- Chance the rapper

“My lil n**** Rob got killed for his Barkleys”

“This is reminiscent to all the parks in the projects/When my British Knights, can rival your Foamposites/Don’t make me pull my Lottos out the closet”- Nas

“Niggas try P Imma blast ’em right there/You don’t want your ear right next to your Nike Airs”- styles P

“On D Block, where everybody wants to be Pac/And you can get popped over the new G-Unit Reeboks”- Eminem

“And just for kicks make ’em gel like ASICS”- Viktor Vaughn

“I leave ’em strapped and laced and come up out ’em
The last person that touched ’em I been shot ’em”- nelly

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.01.16 PM



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