Final piece Evaluation

The materials I used for my final piece were plaster, clay and leather, the leather was a light blue and on the flip side white however the white was a coating and wasnt natural and so it couldnt be laser cut which was a slight set back that was resolved. Originally I wanted the lasts to be plastic but the plastic I wanted was too expensive so I had to settle. the soles used on the display are clay and plaster.

With the way I pinned the leather shapes to the lasts I wanted to show speed and that why they kind of have a resemblance messenger wings or just wings in general, I personally think they look like hermes shoes.

I wanted to do something abit different to what the final outcome was, However, I do like certain elements, like the resemblance to hermes, and how well the laser cutting element turned out. I do think that i got torn between two different ideas of what i wanted my final piece to be and thats affected the final outcome.

My final piece relates to my proposal because it was about deconstructing and the shapes that go into a shoe, i think I have displayed this in my work along with other things including experimentation and the idea of making everything from scratch.

Overall I think it could have been better if I had used my time better and had acssess to the materials I needed , However, I think in the end i used what i had to the best of my abilities.


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