This instagram page does illustrations of cartoon characters, but all based around shoes and trainers. some of them are just characters wearing trainers like jordans, puma suedes, etc. then others they have used the shoe as a section of an animal and drawn the rest of the animal around the shoe. I like the work because it is usually very vibrant and colourful, it is also linear and simple.



PMC is typically used for industrial parts such as rubber belts, belt scrapers, industrial rollers and so on. However, some of the features of this material can be useful to making the sole of a shoe, it is high impact resistant and doesn’t rip or show any signs of wear.

I don’t think it would be very comfy because although I need a material that is strong I think this will be too hard and uncomfortable. it is relatively cheap in comparison with others and is a lot easier to get hold of.

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)

ABS is a low-cost engineering plastic that is easy to machine and fabricate. ABS is an ideal material for structural applications when impact resistance, strength, and stiffness are required. It is widely used for machining pre-production prototypes since it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to paint and glue. Natural (beige) ABS and black ABS are FDA compliant for use in food processing applications. The following physical property information is based on typical values of the base acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin.

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities
  • Easy to paint and glue
  • Good strength and stiffness
  • Relatively low cost

This could be a potential material for me to use in the mold I’m going to make because it is easy to mold, cheap and when it has set in the mold it will be strong and perfect to use as a last.


So when Blue Ribbon Sports (Bill Bowerman) came up with a new shoe design for Onitsuka Tiger, it was put into production and was a top seller at the time, however, Bowerman went back to Oregan and put the shoe into production under the brand name Nike and named the model “Cortez”.

The Japanese company only found out about the new Cortez model when an Onitsuka official went to visit the Blue Ribbon H.Q and found the prototype tucked away in a store room. both companies went to court and they were told they were both allowed to sell the shoe, so Onitsuka changed the name of their model to Corsair. This is the first shoe that has been the best seller for two different companies at the same time.

Last Types

looking at the different types of lasts.

Classic Hinged Lasts- Classic hinged lasts are primarily used in the production of men’s shoes. Here, the toe end of the last is hinged downwards after the last has been placed on the pin. This model is designed for lasted shoes.

Sliding Hinged Lasts- Sliding hinge lasts (parallel sliding hinged lasts) are often used for moccasins and strobel uppers. The mechanism is incorporated in such a way as to achieve optimal shortening when the toe end is pushed up. One can both relast and delast. This design is used even for lasted ladies’ shoes.  The last partition II has been approved for delasting of strobel uppers. A relasting and delasting machine is required for opening the lasts.

Solid Last- Solid lasts are used for production of sandals and sports shoes. They do not have any mechanisms. This is the one that i will be using.

Nike Colorado

This is another super rare and innovative model, it was the shoe that inspired the designs for the Bermuda and contemporary shoes like the Roshe Run. it was a revolutionary design, one piece breathable mesh upper, used to create a more comfortable fit and allowed the air to circulate through the shoe while running. This is another shoe designed by Jeff Johnson in a great colourway.  Source- Proper Mag issue 14.