Laser Cutting

I took the pattern that made for one of my digital designs and turned it into an illustrator file so that I could have it laser cut onto leather, the leather that I decided to use was buffalo leather. however, the outer layer of it was coated in a plastic material and glued on so I wasn’t allowed to have it cut on that side. I had to use the suede side for the imprint, tomorrow I am going to go back and Cath is going to show me how to make a vector so that I can laser cut about half way through the leather without cutting through the coated side.


So the original plan was to cast my plaster last and fill the cast with a plastic material, however i havent been able to get hold of what i wanted to use either because it has been too expensive (£110 per gallon) or it isnt avalable online. Now this is fine because it is all part of the process, i will have to think of an alternative or even get a new idea for a final piece.

17806729_1266303586750845_1700932834_nIn America mostly but also in the Uk people are robbed and even killed because of the trainers they have on their feet, i first found out about this because alot of the music i listen to mentions some of these incidents. For the end of year show i want to show that all these shoes ad designers have indirectly been the reason people have been murdered. I am currently listening to songs that reference these happening, and im going to add them to this post and keep coming back ad adding more…

“I’ll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95’s”- The Game

“N****s still getting bodied for foams”- Chance the rapper

“My lil n**** Rob got killed for his Barkleys”

“This is reminiscent to all the parks in the projects/When my British Knights, can rival your Foamposites/Don’t make me pull my Lottos out the closet”- Nas

“Niggas try P Imma blast ’em right there/You don’t want your ear right next to your Nike Airs”- styles P

“On D Block, where everybody wants to be Pac/And you can get popped over the new G-Unit Reeboks”- Eminem

“And just for kicks make ’em gel like ASICS”- Viktor Vaughn

“I leave ’em strapped and laced and come up out ’em
The last person that touched ’em I been shot ’em”- nelly

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.01.16 PM



The first picture shows both soles from above, the one on the left is made of clay and the right one is plaster, I think that the over all shape of the plaster sole is a nicer shape and reflects similarities of the shoes it was inspired by (Air Max). from the side view the one made from clay is flatter and less of a wedge, which is not what I was trying to achieve, however, it was my first attempts and helped me improve on the second one made from plaster.

EVA Foam

Is usually used in sofas, padded costumes, and yoga mats, there are different densities that you can get so obviously I would need a firmer type for what I intend to use it for, it is also useful because it is easy to carve into with a sharp knife so in a way I can use it as I would do with clay. this would mean that I wouldn’t be able to cast it, it would be the finished component of the sole. The price is quite cheap so it seems like a practical material to use.

Nylon 6

Nylon 6 is a tough, abrasion-resistant material. It has improved surface appearance and processability compared to nylon 6/6. It also can be molded about 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) lower with less mold shrinkage because it is slightly less crystalline. Adversely, nylon 6 has a lower modulus and absorbs moisture more rapidly than nylon 6/6. Moisture acts as a plasticizer, reducing tensile strength and stiffness and increasing elongation. But, while absorbed moisture reduces many properties, nylon owes part of its toughness to the plasticizing effect of moisture. As moisture content rises, significant increases occur in impact strength and general energy absorbing characteristics. Properly recognized and accounted for, the effect of moisture on the processing and properties of nylon need not be of great concern.

This material could be useful to me for making the sole of a shoe because of its advantages such as it being strong, it has a high impact absorption rate and the commercial availability. However, I want the sole of the shoe to be cushioned but this material is stiff which could be a problem.