So the original plan was to cast my plaster last and fill the cast with a plastic material, however i havent been able to get hold of what i wanted to use either because it has been too expensive (£110 per gallon) or it isnt avalable online. Now this is fine because it is all part of the process, i will have to think of an alternative or even get a new idea for a final piece.


Tutorial with Kim

I think the main thing was that I needed to work faster and experiment with more materials and processes. complete the work that I had started because it was slowing me down just concentrating on current work and not looking at different things.

EVA Foam

In the easter holiday i ordered a big block of EVA foam, so that i could carve into it and make the sole of a shoe, the block cost around £40 and it was ordered from ebay. when it arrived i realised that it wasnt dense enough and was more like the cussioning you find in a sofa. I didnt want to use this because i have found a different type of foam called closed cell EVA which is basically the same thing however all the small air pockets are mostly filled up and is more dense.

My brother uses it to make the insoles of shoes for people who have sporting injuries, etc. He is going to get hold of a few sheets for me so that i can carve the sole.

Shadow Illustration

Inspired by graffitikicks which is an instagram page full of illustrations related to footwear and sneakers, he works for a sneaker shop in Osaka Japan. So I did this the same way I did the Knuckles design and I think it am going to get them printed out large and have them displayed for the exhibition to show and give homage to the artists that I take the most inspiration from

Cartoon Kicks

So last time I did an illustration it was a cartoon character that already existed from a TV show and game, this time I wanted to do something a little more original and took inspiration from one of my main influences “Sen” with the graffiti style “lollypop heads” as me and my dad used to call them. Obviously, I wanted to make it more relevant to what I was doing by adding trainers, so I added some to the feet that I had already drawn a while ago and I thought because the character I have drawn is quite bubbly, I drew a shoe that I thought matched (Nike more UpTempo).

Knuckles Illustration

After looking at Graffitikicks designs I thought it would be a good idea to do a few of my own designs that are inspired by their work. So I took one of my favourite cartoon game characters, and first illustrated him (Knuckles) I then photographed a pair of my shoes and slowly began to draw them as well using Adobe illustrator, I used different shades of red on the character’s body to show lighting, I did the same on the shoes and I think the final outcome is good.


This instagram page does illustrations of cartoon characters, but all based around shoes and trainers. some of them are just characters wearing trainers like jordans, puma suedes, etc. then others they have used the shoe as a section of an animal and drawn the rest of the animal around the shoe. I like the work because it is usually very vibrant and colourful, it is also linear and simple.